piranha-303345_1280WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS WEIRD.

OK, so you’re in an ordinary industry.  Delivering a product that’s great but not exactly … weird.

What I mean is that your values-based business is highly unusual and you’re getting all kinds of “advice” that you should be more ordinary.  Color inside the lines.  Even become a non-profit, if you’re trying to make the world a better place.

What you need are people who empathize, who support, who encourage.

Some of them are your partners and employees.  Fantastic!  But at times it may not seem like enough – especially when you’re starting out.

What you need are people who share at least a part of your vision and values.  Even if they don’t quite understand yet why your business will prosper and change the world, they can at least encourage you to continue on.

This came to mind recently because I ran across a newly-forming local meetup group for people who are wanting to exercise their Christian values in their businesses.  We’ve had a couple of meeting so far, and already people are encouraging and supporting each other.

Which brings me to my second point:  If you feel like you’d like to have a group of supporters but it doesn’t exist, just go create it.  Even if it’s just a group of three people, it can be incredibly powerful.  And, by starting the group, you are the defacto leader and get to steer the direction of the group.

It doesn’t have to be especially expensive or time consuming.  You need to eat lunch, right?  Pick a restaurant or coffee shop and encourage a few others to join you.

The results might astound you!