cvdl doctorate videoTHIS WEEK I DISCOVERED an exciting new program offered by Benedictine University near Chicago: their Doctoral Program in Values Driven Leadership for Senior Executives.

This is an amazing development.

This is a mature, well-thought-through program for those who are truly serious about leading businesses with deeper values – the same values I talk about here on this blog.

I attended their virtual “open house” yesterday and was deeply impressed with the innovative, high quality approach.  They’re pulling in world-class leaders in this area, getting them directly involved with the learning cohort.

ClassroomThey have a rich mixture of participants.  Mostly corporate leaders, but they also include government, academia, and non-profits.

And they dive into the academic part of this, as you’d expect.  Wonderful learning materials, projects, and dissertations.  They directly involve international experience.

So if you’re looking to take your knowledge in values driven leadership up about ten or fifteen levels, you should check out this program.  I sure was impressed.