JESSICA VERDERAME IS ABOUT HELPING KIDS, primarily supporting their success in school.

She started out in New York as a substitute teacher, supplementing her income as a tutor with a local franchise of Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services.

That’s how she got hooked.

She ended up here in Fort Collins as an Elementary teacher and specialist in literacy with the local school district, and decided to invest in a Club Z! franchise herself.

With a group of fifteen tutors who have the right expertise in their fields and a desire to help students, she’s now building up a successful business serving the local community.

club_zWe had  a chance to share a coffee recently, and I was inspired by Jessica’s passion for making a difference to our next generation.  And she’s not just helping those kids, she’s also supporting the parents and building better relationships in families.

Because when the kids don’t struggle so much, there’s less stress on the entire family.

For her, approaching this with the support of a franchisor makes a lot of sense.  They supply great content, powerful processes, and the credibility to create trust.  Because this only works, after all, when parents trust you to make a difference with their kids.  It’s not an easy decision for them.

Jessica takes that trust very personally.  It’s a primary criterion for how she selects her tutors.  And she meets with each parent and child to understand their needs and ensure the right match.

college-admissions-blog-photoYou’ll see on Club Z!’s website that they offer a whole range of tutoring services, all the way from Pre-K to college admissions.  And it’s reasonably priced, especially when you consider what a large difference this can make for someone’s lifelong success.

In a way, Jessica’s biggest barriers at this point are societal reluctance to ask for help, and a vague perception that this kind of tutoring might be too expensive.  So she’s working at several levels to change perceptions, through the schools, through the Chamber of Commerce (where I met her), with STEM programs, and with other direct marketing.

Her dream is to be able to provide scholarships to support families without financial resources, and to deliver more programs through the schools which can serve more of the community.

With her passion and expertise, it will happen.