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MESH FORT COLLINS is a great new community for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the region.  You might know that it took over the space formerly occupied by Galvanize at 242 Linden Street.

Mesh is an expansion of an idea that’s seen success in Japan as Future Venture Capital Ltd.  FVC Americas was established last year to become the hub in northern Colorado for startups with great potential.

I’ve been following the local startup scene for several years, so it’s exciting to hear that Mesh is not just serving the high tech market.  They’re helping businesses in all industries, even those who aren’t getting all the press these days.

After all, there are great new companies in all corners of the economy.

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In fact, she’s made a business out of it!

I met Ariana a few years ago, and was inspired by her energy and creativity.  But it’s always been a bit of a struggle for me to describe what she does.

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MartinTHIS WEEK I had the opportunity to attend a presentation hosted by the just-now-forming Conscious Capitalism Colorado Chapter.  The speaker was Martin Bjergegaard, co-author of the new book Winning Without Losing.

What a great and inspiring hour!  I immediately bought the book.

Martin’s message is the same as how he’s built his businesses:  By focusing on quality of life, quality of leadership, and leveraging his considerable passion.

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