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flameHOW WELL DO YOU REWARD your employees for aligning with your company’s values?

OK, honestly, how many of your employees actually remember what your values are?

This is a critical question, because your people can only be expected to align with what they remember, and what is reinforced by your systems and culture.

That’s why I found the recent article by David Lee to be powerful: Read the rest of this entry »

small giantsTODAY I’M HEADED TO DENVER for the Small Giants Summit.  This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with other business leaders who thoughtfully reject the pressure to take their companies public.

We make a lot of assumptions in our culture that bigger is better and that growth is even mandatory for survival.  The Small Giants Community shows us that you can have much more impact as a privately held company, and there’s an appropriate size for a business at which it is most effective.

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