alchemy logoUSUALLY I PROFILE FOR-PROFIT COMPANIES but I was so fascinated by this story that I just had to share.

I was introduced to Lucy Wallace by Stephanie Heacox, who I talked about last week.  Lucy heads up Alchemy of Movement, where she delivers extremely energetic dance classes in Boulder.

But Lucy discovered an opportunity to bring dance into women’s prisons.  At first she thought this might just be an occasional class, but over the last year it’s become amazing.

LucyWhen she started discussions with a prison in the Denver area, she discovered a whole bunch of inmates who are good people.  They’re trying to rebuild their lives while paying their debts to society.

As it turns out, dance classes are an amazing way to help people discover their inner purpose and create a better future.

For the first half of 2015, Lucy worked through all the red tape and qualifications needed to bring a program into a prison.  She delivered the first Dance2BFree class on July 1st, with eight women participating.

“They were SO normal, ordinary women, not at all hostile or aggressive.”  Energy was high, and she’s been delivering weekly classes ever since.

It’s a powerful contribution for people in need.  You can imagine how much this might help these inmates to have a better transition back into society when they’re released, and to build a better environment inside the prison itself.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that Lucy has ambitious ideas about what this might turn into.  She’s in talks with another prison in Colorado about bringing Dance2BFree classes there, and has raised $10,000 in private donations to support the program.  Maybe this will grow nation wide, who knows?

dance2b_logo1Clearly this will tax Lucy’s personal time and energy, so she’s talking to women who would like to help expand the program as leaders.  She has a small Board of Directors to help define and create the future for this effort.

But even more amazing, she’s creating leaders in the prison population.  Think about that for a moment.  How often do prisoners have the opportunity to develop leadership skills that they can also use once they’re released?  Some of these women will be leading the classes while in prison, then use that as a launch pad for future success afterward.

This is truly changing lives, sending profound ripples which may spread for generations.