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JANUARY is a great time to start out with a clean slate.

Clean slatePerhaps you’ve heard of the powerful concept called “zero based budgeting.”  The idea is that you start from scratch and justify EVERY penny you’re spending.  Sounds painful, huh?

But there are times when you just get so much stuff built up around your plans and obligations that you lose sight of what’s truly important.

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dartsIn the previous issue, I talked about how we as coaches can help our clients build deep values into a business.  In this context “deep values” refer to those motivations that are more important than just making money and delivering products or services.

I find that many coaches are seeking to build just this kind of businesses: one founded upon and expressing deep values.  As a Christian coach, it’s likely that you want to include your own faith as part of the foundation of your coaching practice.

Do you want your coaching to make a difference in the world?  Here’s a game plan for making that happen.

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THIS MORNING I read yet another article on “Why business plans don’t work.”  It seems that these things crop up periodically, perhaps when people are frustrated, or just trying to display their mental superiority.

I hope I’m a little more humble than that.

Here’s how I view it:  If you have unrealistic expectations of a business plan, then of course you’re going to be disappointed.  Some people expect that a plan will remove all risk, and force reality to align with your desires.

That’s unrealistic.

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