ANY BUSINESS OWNER has a very interesting dance – to be immersed in the details while staying aligned with their bigger mission and goals.  Honestly, this is one of the powerful ways that my clients use my coaching: To ensure that we stay connected with the big picture.

Otherwise, they tend to never get away from the unending onslaught of details and day-to-day issues.

So how do you stay on top of this?  Actually, it’s pretty practical:

  1. You start by actually HAVING a bigger picture.  Whether your vision is to blow away the world with amazing products, or to serve people, or to retire rich, or to create an amazing organization … you have to figure out what that is.
  2. I encourage my clients to actually write that down and have regular discussions with their leadership teams about it.  If your team the company exists merely to have them complete their job description, then they’re missing the Big Picture.
  3. There are some very practical exercises you can do to ensure that your smaller tasks and goals are aligned with the larger mission and vision.  But the key element of this is thoughtful reflection.  For many this may look like a weekly review of 3-5 minutes, plus a monthly review of 30 minutes, and a yearly “retreat” away from the hubbub.
  4. Figure out how to measure progress toward the Big Picture.  Aligning your measures can be the most powerful thing to keep you on track, but many people really struggle with it.  It’s well worth the work.

Let’s set up a quick phone call if you’d like to put this in place!  I’d love to help you unlock the true potential for your business.