Yes, you’re on a powerful mission.  But danger happens:

  • Regulations change
  • New competitors arise
  • A key employee leaves

So how do you navigate when things turn dark and threatening?

The most important thing you’ll do is to remain calm.  No, you’re not ignoring the reality and danger, but it doesn’t help anyone for you to lose your cool.  Don’t say or do things you’ll regret.

This is often the point where I’ll have a critical conversation with my clients.  I had one tell me that I helped him save a $25,000 deal because I “talked him down” from a point of emotional overreaction in a 15 minute conversation.

It’s not because I have incredible skill as a psychiatrist.  I don’t.  It’s just because I don’t have to emotionally engage very much in the client’s drama, and I can represent the voice of calm and thoughtfulness.

So even when your ship is being buffeted, try to remain calm and thoughtful.

When you do that, you’ll start to notice options that you have.  You can rally the troops.  You can launch an analysis.  You can get people together for brainstorming.

Maybe, even, you can try to wait out the storm and remain true to your course.

It’s true that, sometimes, the storm is so severe that it will destroy your vessel, your company may be severely damaged.  So you might have to move swiftly and decisively.

So calmness isn’t about being slow or indecisive.  It’s about being thoughtful.

Are you in treacherous waters?