he mission of your business is part of an amazing story.

That story starts with a cast of characters who encounter what seems to be an insurmountable barrier.  The tension mounts and the music swells.

Coming in to save the day is … your company!  The hero of the story, with your amazing product, an awesome culture, and a message which change these people’s lives.

It’s absolutely thrilling.

But how often do I see a business mission or vision that grabs people that way?  Unfortunately, not often.

Usually it feels like: We deliver market-leading products and services which help our customers blah blah blah.  I didn’t even stay awake to the end of the sentence.

If you’re out to change the world for the better, then I want to hear about that insurmountable problem that ONLY YOU can fix.  You need to tell me about why it makes a difference not just to me, but to your employees, to the community, maybe even humanity at large.

I want to be able to talk with any random employee on your staff, and hear that they’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of this life-changing venture.  And I want to see evidence that your customers and partners are drawn in because of how you’re making the world a better place.

What’s the amazing story behind the mission and values and purpose of your business?