Sometimes an exciting new possibility opens up for you. But should you jump on it?

That can be a tougher question than it looks on the surface. At first, it might appear simple: If I have time, and it’s not too risky, why not?

The problem can be is that you don’t know all the factors up front, and it may distract you from other things which are more important in the long run.

I’ve found that the real tests should be:

  • Does this align with my goals?
  • Does this align with my values?

This came to mind because just recently I had the opportunity to teach a program in conjunction with an international partner I greatly respect. At first, I thought it was about whether I had the time to do all the work required and whether I needed the income.

Those are good questions to ask, of course, but it turns out that the deeper questions were much more important.

I had a chance to participate in this program last year when it was being beta tested, and it ended up being more valuable than I ever expected. Not only for me personally, but for the clients I work with.

And it helps me advance my goals towards a better life for myself and my clients.

And the end of the day, I jumped on it – I’m teaching the class. It’s a whole lot of fun! But I had to answer those important questions.

What opportunities are on the horizon for YOU?