Along with exercise and sensible eating, you know that the advice to keep healthy includes staying hydrated.

The idea is that your body performs better when it’s not worrying about running dry. Sensible enough.

But this concept applies to your team as well! How so?

Well, there are simple basics that help people to stay productive. It used to be a cabinet stocked with pens, paper and other office supplies. These days it’s more about having a computer that turns on immediately, websites that aren’t agonizingly slow, and printers that haven’t run out of ink.

And this kind of stuff DOES mount up.

It’s not uncommon for me to be in a store and ask whether something is in stock and where to find it. And it’s surprising how often the answers come back:

  • I have no idea
  • I think that might be … on aisle 18?
  • What are you talking about?
  • Our company website says we have it, but often that’s not right

Not only does this embarrass the employee and cause them to go in circles, but the customer now has a poor impression of the company overall.

But there are some businesses where the employees know exactly where to look up information, and who to go to if they need help. And the customer’s impression is that these folks know how to do customer service – even if they happen to be out of the item at the moment. I’ve even had stores who recommended other businesses that I could check with when I’m looking for something rather obscure.

Today’s message really isn’t about training your folks on how to treat customers; that’s for another day. This is about giving your folks the tools they need to do their job effectively and enjoy working for you.

And not have that darned printer run out of ink.