Last week I talked about giving your folks a great start in your organization. So what about the other side – when people leave? I know, I know … sometimes you just want to part ways and minimize the pain.

But the truth is that there are still implications even after they’re gone. Perhaps they’ll refer your next great customer or employee. They’ll probably be talking about their experience to friends and associates.

So it’s in your best interest to have a good breakup. People do move on, after all, and it doesn’t always mean you’re a bad person.

Even though it can feel like that sometimes.

What does a good parting experience look like?

  • It’s been great knowing and working with you
  • Thank you for all the contributions you’ve made to us
  • We wish you the best of luck!

Perhaps some of those statements aren’t true or appropriate. Fine. But you get the idea: Be positive, be appreciative, and be honest. It’ll make you feel better too.

Then help the rest of your team to recover from the loss. They may take it even harder than you do.