I always work with my clients with the objective of a healthy business. Why that word, as opposed to profitable or growing or whatever?

It’s because the word conveys a proper sense of balance and happiness. I’ve seen many cases where the pursuit of profit can result in unhappy employees, disloyal customers, and a burned-out owner.

But we all want health and happiness, right?

Sure, you may work hard at certain points in the week or year. But just as important is recovery time and rejuvenating sleep. 

And we all know that healthy diet and exercise are critical. In the business environment, that equates to having the right resources at hand, and keeping your processes tuned up as requirements change.

We’re now learning that there are different versions of “healthy” depending on your goals. Some people focus on strength and agility, while others look to longevity. Some prioritize their family or spiritual development.

In the same way, organizations don’t have the same goals. It drives me nuts when marketers assume that my primary problem is to acquire ten new clients every week. That’s absolutely not what I’m looking for, but I understand that some others are.

When you think about it this way, you’ll see a lot more similarities between for-profit, non-profit, and the other models which exist. It’s a balance between financial sustainability, motivated people, making a valued difference to customers or beneficiaries, and doing this over the long haul.

That’s what health looks like.