It wasn’t in my plans for the week.But when I tested COVID positive, I had to push everything aside to let my body heal.

Fortunately, it only lasted a week and I wasn’t hospitalized. Just inconvenienced.

But as I was clearing my calendar and rescheduling activities, I learned some important things.

First, it’s OK to rely on other people. I tend to have pride around my self-sufficiency, but that doesn’t always work out for me. When I had to ask others for help, every person was super generous and supportive.

Second, the pressure of deadlines is mostly artificial. If you have to slip something a week, usually it doesn’t make the world fall apart. And even with unslippable deadlines (like the upcoming Easter holiday), there can be a plan B which is quite acceptable.

Third, without health, nothing else matters that much. Sure, I was able to “attend” a meeting, but my energy wasn’t there. So I ended up getting lots of sleep, which was exactly what my body needed in order to recover.

Somehow, this was exactly the lesson I needed to learn right now. And yes, I’m fully recovered now.