In uncertain times, we rely on confidence from others around us. We look to political, community, and business leaders to provide direction.

But more than being told what to do, we want to know why. Part of that is assigning blame for something out of our control, but that’s only the negative side of it.

On the good side, we’re looking for a reason to get out of the fight-or-flight response. Our higher selves want to move forward with purpose and intention.

As a leader, you have some of this responsibility. But in uncertain times, where everything is out of control, why should YOU be courageous enough to make decisions and move forward.

Because you have to. Others are relying on you.

To be honest, it starts with putting on a brave face and acting confident before you really are: fake it ‘til you make it.

It feels dishonest and even dangerous.

But those who are courageous move forward even in the face of danger. They make the best choice they can, then just take action.

The courageous difference is taking responsibility for your choices and actions. Even if you were forced into a decision that you really don’t like, the fact is that you still have the choice how to put that into action.

And you’re helping others to move forward with the tough choices they may have to make. That’s part of being a leader.