Valerie has a pretty decent job. She’s pretty good at it, having been in the position for four years now.

It’s not inspiring, but hey, it’s a job.

So how much creativity and productivity do we think she’s devoting to her work?

It’s probably decent. She’s a good solid worker, although she’s probably not taking many risks. It’s about doing what’s required to keep the job. Maybe get a promotion or raise if she’s lucky.

But it’s about keeping the job.

As a boss, you’d probably like a bunch of good solid workers. Valeries are nice because they tend to be reliable.

The problem is that you’re missing a big chunk of her energy, passion, and creativity. When she gets an offer from someone else for a little raise, she’ll probably take it. Because there are no good reasons to be loyal over and above getting a regular paycheck.

She’s focused on what’s in it for her. She gives you good work, you give her a paycheck. Done.

Isn’t there a much greater potential here?