Here’s today’s headline from Gallup’s research: What’s Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in the U.S.?

This great company has been monitoring the trends for many years, so seeing an upward trend in employee engagement is truly important. And a bit shocking, really, after all the bad news we’ve been hearing.

So what’s behind it?

Well, first, don’t get too excited. “Record high” means that it ticked up a percentage point. It’s the right direction, but there’s a lot more work to be done.

Gallup describes what they call a “high-development culture.” Even more than fair wages and benefits, engagement is built on helping people to find purpose in their work and develop valued skills.

And it’s not just toward the individual, either. It’s a culture which pervades the workplace, showing up communications, rewards, and interactions. Managers are held responsible for creating, aligning with, and acting according to this high-development culture.

It’s not surprising that these are primary factors driving employee engagement, retention, and productivity. Just that we’re finally seeing the trend going in the right direction! So don’t get left behind.It’s well worth reading Gallup’s article: What’s Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in the U.S.?