We all feel blown around by events, I get that. The employee called in sick with no warning. That customer is being a total pain. You just found out that the health care costs will be going up next year, and a lot more than you expected.

When you’re reacting to each of these, how are you showing up? It’s a question that we often don’t think about – or want to think about.

But it’s in these daily interactions that you’re showing the real character of who you are.

Yes, there are the big things you do: You decided you have to reorganize and lay off several people, so you put a lot of thought and planning into that. And yes, people will remember that as a watershed event in their lives.

Thankfully, those aren’t very common. In between, you have a million little interactions. If they’re being driven primarily by whatever you happen to be in at that moment, people will view you as inconsistent and unpredictable.

Because our emotions change constantly.

That’s why it’s a great practice to start each day with just a moment of thoughtful grounding:

  • Who do I want to be today?
  • What do I want to focus on?
  • Where do I want to shift how I showed up yesterday?

This kind of exercise will cause you to revisit your personal and business values, to look more at the big picture.

What a great exercise in the shower or on your travel to work! Maybe turn off the distractions for a moment and just ponder.