How enthusiastic are your customers about your products? Your company?

Of course, you have the most amazing products and services. You strive every day to promote them and to constantly improve them. That’s fantastic.

But … enthusiasm for your company? That’s harder to answer.

The truth is that when customers love who you are, they’ll still prefer you when your products are 98% the same as your competition.

How do you connect with THAT?

First, it’s about finding those people who align with who you are. Your mission. Your values.

On top of that, it’s certainly possible to IGNITE passion. During my life, I’ve had the opportunity to become engaged in many things. Sometimes I’ve become disengaged after a period of time as my needs and interests shift, but more often I’m still interested and following something even if I’m no longer directly involved.

For example, I used to do corporate leadership coaching when I worked for a global company. I’ve shifted to working with owners of small businesses, but I still do follow that previous field a bit and have opinions about who I’d recommend when someone asks.

That’s the kind of interest and engagement which can last for a lifetime.

Your goal is to help your customers build an affection not only for your products, but for your company. Give them a reason to care about your mission, values, and relationships.

That’s what can ignite their passion.