Business can be so stressful and serious. Deadlines. Money. Missed commitments. Disagreements.

So here’s the question: Do you permit yourself to have any fun in the business? I sure hope you have enjoyment in your personal activities and hobbies, but what about when you’re working?

Even if you’re not the boss, you can still do that, you know. But when you ARE the boss, it’s actually part of your job as a leader.

Why even consider such a thing?

It’s simple: as humans, we have more energy when our hearts and passion are engaged. You’re human, right? Your workers are too?

If you were a machine, of course we’d have to make sure you have enough fuel to accomplish what you were made for. But you also would need lubricant and maintenance.

People need that too. Maintenance is skill development and how you refresh your energy outside work. You can see the lubricant as the “people side” – relationships, motivation, enthusiasm.

You can still have fun and be professional. In fact, for most businesses, it’s actually an asset to display a little bit of that character to your customers and partners.

Give yourself permission, that’s all it takes. And by all means, let your teams know it’s a good thing too.