THIS WEEK INCLUDED THE SUDDEN DEATH of two people in my circle of family and friends.

It gets you thinking. And praying.

This is when you realize that the world doesn’t begin and end with your business, your job, your activities.

It’s the kind of wakeup call that happens when you have a heart attack or big cancer scare.

So let’s step back and look at the big, BIG picture.

The world is larger than any of us as individuals. We each have our fleeting moments of existence in this life before moving on to eternal life – whatever that might look like.

What’s the point of that short time here on Earth?

My world view is grounded in my religion, and that leads me to think that we’re each quite unique. In fact, God has graced us each with different talents. And I daresay a different mission in our life.

“Mission” may sound grandiose: Maybe you feel your vocation is more modest than that. What is the “mission” of a baby who only lived a few hours?

That’s where I believe that it’s all about our relationship with others. That baby’s mission is defined by her impact on parents, family, and the community. While death is tragic, it’s also inevitable. I like to believe that God has given it meaning.

One bit of meaning is that life isn’t about death, in the same way that schooling isn’t about graduation. Life is about how we help others, how we learn, and how we make the world a better place.

So finally I get to the Values Based Business.

A company on a mission to improve the world is an amazing mechanism we now have to magnify the impact of what one person can do. A business can employ hundreds or thousands, providing security for all those people. It can serve even millions of customers, potentially making each of their lives better. Not only through products (which come and go at an amazing rate) but through a relationship and interaction of which our Maker would be proud.

Oddly enough, death gives us purpose. Because it puts a non-negotiable limit on the time we have to impact our little corner of the world.

And to magnify that impact through our groups, communities, and businesses. How are YOU making a bigger difference?

My prayers are with you, friends.