communityCOMMUNITIES HAVE SPRUNG TO THE TOP of my mind this week.

Each of us has communities that we participate in and contribute to.  Social groups.  Family.  Work.  Spiritual support.  And other friendships.

This is much more important than we usually recognize.

Because humans are social beings.  Everything we are, and do, is usually in relationship to others.

So why is it that we don’t tend to be very intentional in this area?  It seems like much of what we do is to just react to “the people in our lives” without thinking about a larger picture.

Or maybe it’s just my perspective as a male?

I had the chance this week to interact in major, significant ways with:

  • Two important groups of fellow coaches
  • A broad range of people starting up and growing businesses
  • Business owners focused on the idea of Conscious Capitalism
  • My fellow Christians
  • Inspiring musicians

And, of course, my family.

That’s how I got started thinking about each of these “communities”:

  • Why do I choose to be involved?
  • What do I want to contribute?
  • How will the group improve my life and business?
  • What role does each group play in my life and business goals?

It’s really good to dig down to this kind of introspection once in a while.  Because maybe I need to make some tweaks.

Or just re-dedicate myself to serving those around me.