JDOG JUNK REMOVAL is a fascinating new business here in northern Colorado.  I had never heard of it before, so I was surprised to find out that this rapidly-growing franchise operation is already at 73 locations around the country – and counting.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Lewis this week, the new owner of the local franchise that opened in February 2017.

What’s amazing is the mission behind this company.

And “mission” is the right word to use, because this was started by military veterans to benefit veterans.  It is the brainchild of Jerry Flanagan, the “J” in the company’s name, with his wife Tracy.

Chris has a rich background in the US Marine Corps, so he brings a wonderful attitude and serious commitment to this venture.  He joined JDog because of its upstanding character, and is enjoying the rich camaraderie shared by franchisees across the country.

I wasn’t really that surprised by that company culture, but I did find it quite unusual that JDog gives a great deal of freedom and autonomy to each of the owners.  Often, franchise operations will attempt to standardize down to the last detail, which can be especially frustrating when each location has different needs.

With Chris’ leadership experience, he’s solving each challenge as it arises.  That starts with simply building the brand here in Colorado, creating the reputation of professional, honest, hard work.  The company gives him a wide range of resources, and supports him with marketing and sales at the national level.

They don’t select new franchise owners lightly, because of their commitment to character.  But Chris found such a great cultural fit that he found the process easy.

Many companies talk about culture and character, but it ends up being a lot of words without much depth.  In this case, JDog builds its company culture directly on the principles that our military forces operate with.  I expect that this will continue to be a rock-solid foundation as the company grows.

It’s a friendly service business which is grounded in respect, integrity, and trust.  These are powerful principles for a sustainable company, when everyone is committed to them.