If you haven’t been following their “State of the Workplace” research, you should.  Especially if you care to attract and retain great people, and motivate them to excellence.

That’s why I was excited this week to get the notification of their updated report, available for free on their website.

If you’ve followed their reports, you might feel a little beat up with the consistency of their message.  C’mon, I get it.  Workers are disengaged.

But I encourage you to periodically take some time to think more deeply – specifically, about how this applies to YOUR BUSINESS.

If you’re not seeing the same numbers or trends as the national survey, fine!  We’re lucky that some job employment numbers in Colorado are significantly better than the national average.

But this report is really about the psychology of why and how people work.  And where quality and productivity come from.

So use this report as a way to generate some deeper thinking in you and your leadership team.  Even if your experience is a bit different than Gallup’s numbers, the thinking will generate some positive action.