WHEN YOU LIGHT SOMEONE ELSE’S CANDLE, your own flame is not diminished.

How incredibly unusual is that?  If I give you some of my money, I no longer have it.  When I give you my food, I can’t eat it myself.

We’ve built an entire world economy on the beliefs of scarcity, which makes supply and demand powerful forces.

Not everything is that way.

When you start looking around, you find that many human systems operate in the world of limitlessness.

Imagine that I tell you a story.  It’s interesting and engaging, and your spirit is lifted up.  Does that diminish my own inspiration?  Absolutely not – in fact your response will likely make me more inspired!

In the engineering world, that’s called a positive feedback loop.  It can keep on increasing.  I can tell the same story to other people, and its impact can even grow.

Perhaps your business has a powerful and compelling mission.  You don’t want to hide your light under a bushel basket; instead you should spread it as far and wide as you can.  Maybe you can get hundreds or even thousands of people who are helping your cause.  Maybe millions.

This is precisely why fire is such a powerful image for the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit should spread and spread until it’s involved every human on the planet.  And won’t be diminished by doing so; there’s no such thing as “getting spread too thin.”

That’s scarcity thinking, and the Enemy trying to sow doubt.

I’ve found that the abundance mentality is incredibly comforting to me personally.  It allows me to trust God, and to move forward in confidence that I don’t need to diminish anyone else in my efforts to serve Him.

Even if I’m just one little flickering candle.