MartinTHIS WEEK I had the opportunity to attend a presentation hosted by the just-now-forming Conscious Capitalism Colorado Chapter.  The speaker was Martin Bjergegaard, co-author of the new book Winning Without Losing.

What a great and inspiring hour!  I immediately bought the book.

Martin’s message is the same as how he’s built his businesses:  By focusing on quality of life, quality of leadership, and leveraging his considerable passion.

Winning without losingI really like the style that the authors use in this book:  It’s a whole bunch of simple but powerful concepts – ones which are easy to grasp but fundamentally change the nature of what you do.

This book is targeted primarily at new startups, where you’re mostly starting out with a clean sheet of paper.  But I find that the core ideas really apply to anyplace where you’re trying out something fresh, even if it’s a small department inside some large company.

You can do good no matter what your situation is.  You can always be a leader if you choose to be.

I’m particularly interested by the authors’ focus on the leadership team.  They have had great experience with starting first as friends, and with taking amazing amounts of time to ensure that their values are aligned.  Business values, personal values – it all intermingles.

So if you want an infusion of great new ideas, check this out.  You’ll be inspired.

Conscious Capitalism