THERE SEEMS TO BE Faith ahead dont panica strong trend of optimism growing right now – so much that it’s even showing up on the news.

I’m greatly encouraged by the trend.

When I lost my job and launched out into business coaching full time, I had to make a conscious choice to nurture confidence and optimism.  I had to look to the future and leave the past behind.

It wasn’t easy:  This was 2009, with the economy in the toilet and job prospects dim.  My knowledge of starting my business was more bravado than true confidence.

I’ve continued to nurture that optimism, because it makes my life more fun.  I attract clients because of it.  I have much more interesting conversations.

I enjoy what I do.

This isn’t easy to maintain, mind you.  My business goes up and down.  There’s disappointments all over the place.

But I’ve discovered that optimism is more of a choice than anything else.  It’s an attitude which you can adopt, you don’t have to reflect the attitudes of those around you.

It starts out as conscious self-talk, where you’re declaring that the future will be brighter simply because want it to be so.  But after awhile you internalize this so you can honestly believe that things will get better.

It’s an interesting phenomenon when I’m acting as business coach.  Even though I can see all kinds of pitfalls and issues with my clients, it’s not uncommon for me to have more faith in their future than they do.

Of course, this is exactly what you’d like to have from people who are on your side.  Help me up when I’m falling down.

If you have to start 2015 by being optimistic simply because others seem to be, great.  But try to nurture that attitude so that you can be a shining light in the darkness for others.