NOBODY birds-216827_640CAN SUCCEED by themselves.  Well, at least not with any significant venture that we’re talking about in the business world.

There are several ways to get support from others:

  • Force them
  • Buy it from them (with money or goods)
  • Inspire them
  • Use the inspiration they already have

I hope you see why these methods become more powerful as you go down the list.

After all, when you capture peoples’ passion, you get not only compliance, but also their energy and creativity.

Don’t think that you can “buy” someone’s inspiration just because they’re an employee or you have a signed partnership contract.  All this gets you is basic compliance, an agreement to do the minimum.

But you’re out to change the world, right?  So it’s not just about how well you can direct others’ actions.  You need their hearts and imagination, because it’s going to be a tough road.

So spend your time on inspiration.  And on finding people who are already inspired to help you go where you’re headed.