IHAD A CHANCE this week to speak with three people who, each in their own way, were influential in the creation of this blog.  This has been an important spiritual journey for me, in addition to the more visible discussions we’ve had.

This helped me realize how important is is to acknowledge where your foundation is.

For most people I speak with, this is almost entirely about the people in their lives.  Sure, I got into a great career and awesome company right out of college, which somehow set me up to be where I am today.  But I’m not going to fall into the delusion of thinking I’m “self-made.”

I think the harder you work, the more you realize how dependent you are on supporters around you.

It’s easy to let connections with those people drift away.  But my thought today is to re-connect with the people who reinforce your core values, and rebuild the relationships.

You’re trying to do something awesome in your values-based business.  People look at you strange sometimes (“Can you really DO that???”) and remind you that success in business is judged by whether you’re making money or not.  If it can’t be measured on the bottom line, it’s not important.

But with the power of your vision, you’re out there doing battle every day, convinced that you’re doing the right thing.

Who is it that led you to this way of thinking?

Chances are you can trace some elements back to your parents and a few teachers.  There was the college friend with whom you had long, impassioned late night discussions.  The uncle who supported your weird passion even before you were able to articulate it.

More recently, you’ve had discussions with supporters, even having the chance to do work with them.  You’ve run across others who have been thinking along similar lines and applaud your initiative.

This is your support group, my friend.

Stay connected with these people and keep the relationships going.  Whether you realize it or not, they’re feeding you energy and pushing your vision forward.

OK, so one of those friends asked whether you’re making a profit.  But was he asking that because he thinks money is more important than your vision, or because he wants to help you sustain and expand your vision?  If it’s the latter, then use his energy and creativity to help explore how to use the money wisely and better nurture the values basis for your company.

We all need help and support.  You’ve had those people in your life, and they’ve built up who you are today.  Stay connected.

Don’t forget to tell them “thank you!”