THIS WEEK I had a chance to participate in the CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium. That may not seem relevant to a business-related blog, but it actually is.

I do this because I’m passionate about the subject, but also because it re-centers me back on to some of the core values in my life.  In this case, it’s spiritual, but I do other things to keep other values focused in my life.

When you’re trying to direct a values-based business, this is quite necessary.  First, for yourself.  You need to make sure you remember those deeper reasons for why you’re doing this.

Second, for your people.  A group activity which remembers and recenters is invaluable.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or particularly lengthy, but it’s important to get away from the daily job pressures.

I’d also say it’s important for your company as an independent entity.  This will affect your relationship with customers, partners, suppliers, and anybody else touched by what you do.

Take a little time to reorient and re-energize.