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AS YOU WALK IN the front door of C3 Real Estate Solutions, you see three words on the glass in the lobby:

Character, Culture, Commitment
That’s not a terribly uncommon thing; a number of businesses like to prominently display key words to make an impression on their customers.  Fresh!  Best deal anywhere!  Innovation!

John and JesseBut when I attended their Chamber Red Carpet event a few months ago, I got the distinct impression that the founders, Jesse Laner and John Simmons, actually run the company this way.  That’s NOT common.

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stumbleYOUR BUSINESS screwed up. Publicly.

You had that blowup with the big customer, and they’re threatening a lawsuit.  The press is snooping around and is going to eviscerate you on the front page of the business section.

Things are getting ugly and the pressure is on.

Like it or not, this is bound to happen to you a few times during your lifetime.  Read the rest of this entry »

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