People who know me know that I see everything as a process, something which can be designed, tweaked, and improved.

I love it when a good plan pulls together and inspires people.

But I’ve discovered that there’s a dark side as well: Not everybody likes to think in process steps. Most people, in fact. Which then means that I’m speaking the wrong language for them.

What I concentrate on then are key concepts and inspiring pictures. And, of course, the larger purpose. Because those things can capture the heart, not just the head.

It’s not my strength, but I’m working on it.

In a similar way, people don’t relate strongly to the written word. Heck, I think it bullet points myself, and don’t read prose that much anymore. In that case, I look for key pictures and diagrams.

Not PowerPoint. Not bullets on a PowerPoint. Not clipart.

Drawing something live works best, because the story emerges as the picture emerges. I try to always have blank paper with me, or a whiteboard. Or just waving my hands to tell the story.

It makes a huge difference! Notice that the process steps in the picture here are described with diagrams, not just words, and you get the sense that they’re working on it live.