I sure get tied up in all these activities I’m engaged in. My to-do list is endless.

But it’s critical to spend some time reflecting on what’s going on. How am I doing – REALLY? Is the business healthy? How about my key relationships?

And when I’m surrounded by all this noise and distraction, it’s SO hard to do!

Today I’m on a long flight, but with the magic of blog scheduling, I’m sharing these thoughts with you. I’m hoping to to have time during my travels to do this kind of thinking. Pondering. Imagining.


Because it’s good for me to reconnect (“re-member”) to what’s really important. My purpose.

There doesn’t need to be a particular plan or process about this, because it comes from the heart. And the heart will know what’s important if I just give it the space to speak to me. Which means turning off all the chatter to just … BE.