Yeah, I’ll confess: I’m an engineer.

So it’s fascinating to me that I’m much deeper now into the “people side” of business. I love that people are SO much more challenging to work with!

A never ending cascade of depth and complication. But my engineering side does come out, because I tend to see everything as a process which can be designed and improved.

If only people were that simple.

That’s why my thought for today is that I need to look more at how MY tendencies and preferences influence how OTHERS think and behave. So I shouldn’t be surprised when others aren’t inspired checklists, plans, and elegant processes.

That’s why I’m trying to get much better at sensing others’ emotional states and responding with empathy and sensitivity. Which, to be honest, is not a strength for me. Nor my comfort zone.

But if you want to be a leader of people, well, you have deal with who we really are. Even though it’s messy.