You’ve been working hard on this impending change. You worked out the kinks, and you figured out what order you need to talk to people. Managers first, then key employees, then key partners, then the broader population.

And you’ve been getting your mind around this for – what, three months now? Seems like it’s taken forever. But we’re almost ready to make the Big Announcement and move forward.

After screwing this up many times, I finally learned a lesson. And it’s very simple:

Remember, you’re three months ahead of everybody else on this journey.

When you started out, you had a lot of doubts and concerns. You worked on them, and finally came to peace. You’re now much more confident about how this will affect your family, your career, the future of the organization, customers, and partners.

But your people are going to be way back at the beginning of that emotional journey.

Despite your best efforts – yes, it’s a brilliant plan and you’ve worked through all the issues – people can only absorb change so fast. It takes time for them to work through THEIR questions and misgivings and concerns. And you can only push that so fast.

So yes, make your big announcement. Explain the details, and answer all the questions. We’re launching into a great new future!

Just realize that your folks will take time to absorb it all and come to peace. Help them.