As a leader, you probably spend most of your day responding to stuff. There are a million little things which demand immediate attention – many of them small and quickly dispensed with.

It makes you feel important, because you’re busy all the time. We’re all busy.

But busyness is not productivity. Productivity is launched from having actual thought leading to useful activity.

But I’ve found that thoughtfulness takes time and attention.

If you’re going to make the RIGHT decision – as opposed to the FAST decision – you’ll think through it in the context of your Big Picture. You’ll ponder the implications and impacts on key stakeholders.

You’ll think through not only possible problems, but also opportunities. Because there are often good effects as well as bad.

All this takes time and a space where you can be thoughtful.

I often find that talking things through with someone helps, especially when that person can listen carefully and without immediate judgment. That’s because I’m the kind of person who formulates clarity as the words are coming out of my mouth.

It’s a key tool to help me think.