We tend to think of leadership as something you achieve, then you get to keep it forever. Or at least a long time.

But I’m a member of an amazing service organization, Rotary International, which has the practice of changing leadership every year. I’m signed up to be the president of the club for the 2023-24 year, and I’m starting to get my mind wrapped around the implications of that. And trying not to get stressed out about it.

But I’m keenly aware that I’m just a temporary seatholder in a long string of leaders, going back to 1977 for our club. It’s a humbling realization.

So I’m working on the exact impact is that I want to have. I don’t want to come in and throw everything up in the air, as we’re doing a whole bunch of highly impactful stuff.

But I don’t want to have my year be forgettable, either. I want us to make progress, to grow and learn and expand who we are.

Do I have the answers? Not yet. But I’m working on it.