What does “entrepreneur” mean to you? It’s probably as simple as someone who launches a new company.

Fair enough. But it’s a lot more interesting than that.

As I’ll be discussing at the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit in January 2022, being an entrepreneur is really a mindset which can serve anyone.

The mindset is about deciding to just settle for what’s given to you, and to launch out and start taking initiative.

So you see it’s not just about starting a business. It might also be about volunteering, or participating in the public sphere, or deciding to take a risk in your life situation.

You develop entrepreneurial skills in these situations by:

  • Deciding what your unique goals are
  • Understanding the constraints and opportunities
  • Figuring out how to make a balanced decision
  • Trusting your mind and gut and going for it

It’s this last one which truly distinguishes the entrepreneur. Until you take action, this is all just an exercise in your mind. That action may be to continue the present course, but it may still require trusting your mind and your intuition.

Which is scary, for sure. But in the end you move forward by taking action.