We usually talk about selling products to customers. We deliver something of value, they give us money in return, and everyone’s happy.

But it’s not ever that simple, because we’re human. The exchange of value is actually pretty complicated, and doesn’t happen all at once.

That’s why I’ve been using the phrase “being of service.” Because it hints at the deeper human connection which is taking place.

It’s a phrase which implies a relationship developing over time. I’m doing several things which you appreciate – often over the course of years.

In response, you pay me for what I deliver. But not just money! You’re also repaying me with appreciation, with loyalty, with referrals, even with critical feedback.

And my value isn’t just the simple product you’re buying. It’s also when, where, in what context, with a process that hopefully works for you.

Ideally, we’ll keep this going as long as it serves both of us. If it works well, that should be a long time. Right?

But great relationships take time and effort to build – and to maintain. And they wither with inattention.So what are you doing today to be of service to your customers?