Why is it that apologizing is one of the hardest things to do? Because it injures your pride.

I had this lesson smack me in the face a couple of times recently. It can be so difficult to admit I made a mistake, take responsibility, and apologize to those on the receiving end.

Maybe you’re human, too, and run into this at times. With your family, employees, or community.

The funny thing is that this is such a universal experience that people empathize with it! Like the email reply I received:

Hey, no big deal. I wondered what was going on with that.

That’s somebody who could relate to my situation, and gave me the benefit of the doubt because I’ve developed trust. And funnily enough, admitting fault actually BUILDS trust if you’re honest and humble.

I know that you might have a fear that some jerk out there will take advantage of your admission. It happens. But in my experience, pretty rarely. Many more people will appreciate your honesty and feel your pain.

And those are the kind of people you’d like to work with anyway, right?

Mistakes are a part of being human.