It’s now becoming a little easier to be optimistic about the future of my business and those of my clients. But, for me, optimism has always been an essential tool for success.

Sometimes optimism is just about putting on a good face, kind of a “fake it ‘til you make it” affair. But I strive for something deeper than that.

There are three reasons I find this important:

First, it helps me to develop a future which is better than the present. Ideas which are based on positivity focus on growth, contribution, and impact. Pessimism makes me emphasize a more defensive posture, not on making positive progress.

Second,it’s attractive and uplifting to those around me. We all have times where we want a shoulder to cry on, someone to sympathize with our plight. But most of the time, we’d rather have someone who believes in us and that we can make a difference.

This starts with parents who encourage our early growth and development. Then elementary school teachers who hope to build confidence through positive reinforcement. When you’re a leader, your team really appreciates that you hold confidence that the future can be better.

This is especially critical during challenging times like we currently face.

And third, this helps me maintain my own energy and passion. I don’t want to despair for the future, I want to be improving my little corner of the world. And that means I have to believe that’s possible.

What helps you build your confidence?