I started my career as an engineer, so I was ingrained with the concept of “good enough.” Not perfect, but practical and appropriate. Leave the perfectionism to those mathematicians and scientists who didn’t have to worry about being practical.

And yet, perfectionism can be valuable.

When it comes to your principles and values, it’s great to be shooting for the ideal. Yes, you’ll fall short, but each time you do it can inspire you to do better.

On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t attempt perfection in my cooking skills. The point, for me, is the enjoyment of trying different things.

Sure, if I’m baking a cake, I’ll follow a recipe. I’ve learned that it matters.

But for making dinner? It’s about the fun of playing around. Not achieving perfection.

In your business, what’s the right balance between playing around and shooting for the ideal? Where do you want to continue striving for perfection?