As we roll into a new year, we have an opportunity to look at things with fresh eyes. Of course we all know that there’s little that’s actually special just because it turned to January, so it’s mostly a mental game we play with ourselves.

But mental games matter – a lot!

And because we’re all going through this experience together, momentum tends to grow at a faster rate. So it’s time to take advantage of this

What does “fresh eyes” look like? First, just taking some time to think – something we seem to rarely do.

Second, think about your Big Picture. Your life, your company, your industry … the big, comprehensive, long term stuff. Not those millions of tasks and ideas tugging you every direction.

Third, think about what you might do differently based on what you’ve learned in the last year. Because learning is the key to making progress.

These steps will get you started on making the shiny new year better than the last. Think. Ponder. Wonder.