I see the world as an abundant place. In a real sense, we’ve never had more possibilities open to us.

Even though it can feel like there are lots of restrictions in our lives right now, that’s only relevant to certain dimensions. You’re still free to go out there and reinvent your products, form new relationships, even rethink the norms of your industry.

And that’s a great mindset for starting out with a blank slate, as I discussed last week.

But we all know that it can’t stop there, as you ultimately have to focus down and actually DO something useful. With your life, with your business, and for your market.

The question is: How narrowly do you choose to focus? The more narrow, the more you can rocket ahead with intensity and direction. There’s a good reason why missiles have pointy tips.

In business, it’s a constant challenge to figure out the appropriate intensity of focus.

Too broad:

  • It’s hard to differentiate your products and services from others.
  • You spend a lot of money being mediocre at a whole lot of things.

Too narrow:

  • You might saturate your market because there are too few people to sell to.
  • It’s hard to pivot (redirect the missile) because you have so much invested in the current direction.

So, of course, it’s a balancing act. It always is.

But the most important thing to remember is: Your focus might not be on the products or services. It might be on HOW you run your business.

Because customers often care even MORE about that.