It seems like the sand is constantly shifting. Whatever assumptions we thought were valid are up for grabs. We don’t know what our customers are going to do, nor the government, nor suppliers.

So how do you know what to do? 

This is the time to look inside yourself for answers.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

I’ve talked about your core values and mission many times, because that’s the foundation for everything you do. Your mission provides direction and purpose, while your values provide guardrails to guide daily decisions.

You may feel that your mission is on hold, especially when you’re doing everything possible to conserve what little revenue you have coming in. Perhaps no revenue at all.

I get that. It’s hard for your engine to drive forward when you’re out of gas.

That’s when your values come to the fore. Because even with no forward movement, they still define who you are. They’ll guide your interaction with employees, suppliers, and the landlord. Even your family and community.

You could be scared that you’ll be forced to radically change direction. I get that; nobody likes having change thrust upon them. That’s when it can be useful to broaden your perspective by talking with a trusted friend, mentor, or coach.

That’s why six professional business coaches have teamed up to offer free coaching for owners and leaders who are struggling in this crisis. No sales pitch, no tricks. We’re doing this to support local businesses.

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This article was first published in InnovatioNews.