You wanted to own a business because it put you in control of your destiny. But then it turns out that there’s STILL lots not under your control!

And big stuff can happen in your industry, in the country, and in the world. Stuff you can’t control.

So there are times when you have to reach out for help.

I find it very useful to figure out the scope of the problem you’re dealing with. Primarily: who else is also dealing with these issues? The reason for this question is that it identifies who has probably been looking for, finding, and developing solutions.

When we have a global health crisis, the good news is that governments step in to address it broadly. So if your issue aligns with that, there a lot of people focused on helping.

But perhaps you’re worried about a rapid loss of customers. The good news is that local, state and national governments also care about economic health and launch supporting programs.Maybe you’re focused on issues more specific to your business. That’s why I’ve collected together some business coaches here in northern Colorado to offer coaching at no cost during this crisis. If you’re interested, you might check us out at It’s no cost, no sales pitch. It’s just because we want to support our local business community in this time of great stress.