This is SUCH a common phenomenon; I see it all the time. You’re busy doing a million things, but you’re in a fog about why.

Time to climb up above the murkiness, my friends.

And look at the big picture.

This is what happens when you’re faced with a big “life reset.” Maybe you got the dreaded words from your doctor and have to face your mortality.

Or your business experienced a similar thing when you suddenly have to admit that the financials aren’t going to work much longer.

The effect is the same: you’re asking yourself the existential questions. Why am I doing this? What happens if my assumptions aren’t true? Am I really up for these big new challenges?

That’s when you go back to looking at your Big Picture. The vision, mission, purpose, whatever you call it.

If that’s changed, so be it. That happens.

But more likely, this may illuminate a path forward and help you re-commit to what really matters.