Seth Silvers launched Story On in 2015 to help companies create amazing marketing strategies built on the power of stories. It’s a powerful concept, because stories operate at a much deeper level than traditional “features and functions” marketing. This approach can be absolutely transformational for attracting a loyal “tribe” of customers, donors, and employees.

Seth has had the opportunity to work with some great businesses on both a local and national level. Those successes grew into some extended engagements which, though valuable, began to draw Seth away from his core mission of helping purpose-driven businesses market with stories.

So he’s rebooting his approach, getting back to having a deeper impact with those clients for whom this will create true transformations.

Seth decided that his path to increasing his impact on the world will be to extend beyond just being a one-person consultancy. To that end, his focus in 2019 is continuing to hire a focused team, refining processes, and delivering quality work to their growing list of purpose-driven small businesses.

I see a lot of similar companies which choose to grow with an array of contractors and informal partnerships. But Seth understands that this can end up with less alignment and loyalty than hiring someone as an employee. He’s focused on growing an enduring business.

So where’s the “reboot”? Story On is still focusing on the same kind of services as when he started, right?

In actuality, it’s more about rebooting his attention and message. I had a chance to see this in action in his recent 1 Million Cups presentation, and with the Small Business Storytellers podcast he just launched.

He’s designing the podcast to let leaders tell their personal and company stories in their own words. It’s building visibility for Story On and the interviewees’ brands, of course, while also showing why stories can be so compelling. Audio is such a great medium for this!

Seth’s focus right now is always on the depth of impact for his clients. Long term, of course, and short term as well. It’s about changing the business world through the power of stories.