We are trained to operate our businesses, and our lives, out of a fear-based mentality.

If that sounds rather severe, just look around. We’re focused on restrictions and limitations. We’re constantly on the defensive, protecting from every danger.

It’s not just you. This is what our ancestors learned when attempting to survive day to day.

But the mentality pervades even places where it’s not that useful. Look at most business plans and processes, and you’ll see an attitude of defensiveness.

This is why I thought I’d share with you a powerful model I recently learned from Kelly Weiss:

Kelly looks at four dimensions of how we do business, and develops a mirrored philosophy which is much more conscious and powerful. I’ll be taking you through the four contrasts in the coming weeks.

Today we’re focused on Fear versus Love. This is a fundamental distinction, foundational to everything we do. After all, if you don’t want positive things for your customers, your employees, your community, and yourself, then the rest of a mission-focused business makes no sense.

In my mind, this is very much about being focused on now versus future. On what’s possible in addition to what’s required. About giving rather than taking.

And that’s why Kelly uses a soft word like “love” to describe the contrast. Perhaps you don’t yet feel safe enough to use a word like that with your team, but isn’t it really what you’re searching for at the end of the day?

  • Customers who love what you do.
  • Employees who love their jobs.
  • A community who loves that you’re a part of them.

And don’t YOU want to love what your business is able to do?